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Ultrasound Weight Loss Spot Fat Reduction slimming Technology It is a common misunderstanding that spot fat reduction is impossible. We are told to restrict calorie intake and burn more calories in order to lose weight. But what if weight is not really the issue, but it is the unsightly bulge at the belly or the jiggly arms or thunder thighs, or all three that are making you look fat?

Spot fat reduction is now possible. No side effects and no recovery time. You can even do it in your own home.

Evita Slimsonic is a new body wellness system that uses ultrasound to very precisely shrink fat cells right in your own home. No need for appointments, extra and repeated expenses or anyone else invading your privacy. Simply relax and enjoy the results of inch loss, weight loss, a smaller body circumference and more desirable body contour.

Easy and comfortable to use, Evita Slimsonic is a personal weight loss machine that offers a therapeutic massage in 10 minutes interval. Non-invasive and clinically proven, ultrasound technology has a reputation for its excellent safety record, and is regulated by the FDA.

Evita Slimsonic uses ultrasonic waves to safely and painlessly target fat cells with pinpoint accuracy. This means the rest of your body is not affected, allowing you to achieve the fat-free body of your dreams. The targeted fat cells shrink with the release of Triglycerides (fatty acids, water and glycerol), resulting in inch loss. Triglycerides which have been released are then processed by the body’s natural toxin processing, flushing the fats out of your body just as it flushes out fat from food you eat.

The great thing about Evita Slimsonic is that more than helping you get rid of unwanted fats, you have complete control over your treatment and you can do it anywhere, anytime you like. A discrete way to slim down, Evita Slimsonic is a cost effective body wellness system that you pay only once and get to enjoy the benefits for life.

If you would like to lose inches conveniently and privately without paying a fortune, Evita Slimsonic might be well worth for you. Available exclusively at Prodacta Essentials, Evita Slimsonic is delivered to your door free of charge.

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